Casa Gilea, Eiras Altas, Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo,
Eastern Algarve, Portugal,
near Tavira and 30 minutes from Faro Airport

Casa Gilea is located in Eiras Altas, an unspoilt nature reserve to the north of Tavira in Eastern Algarve. It stands at an altitude of around 240m above sea level, accessible by way of a winding scenic road with breathtaking panoramic views over the surrounding hills and valleys with their unique flora and character. Tiny randomly scattered hamlets and dwellings are naturally inscribed in the landscape. A strong presumption against any new development ensures the retention of the natural beauty of the area.

Unspoilt Hills And Valleys of Eira Altas Unspoilt Hills And Valleys

The nearest village of Santa Catarina is about 1 km away. It provides amenities such as food stores, a baker, post office, bank, doctor and the like. Small restaurants and cafes/ bars offer local food, wine and live music in its special community atmosphere.

Santa Catarina Santa Catarina

The nearby town of Tavira contains many sites of important historical interest dating back to the Bronze Age and to Roman times. It is renowned for its castle, ancient bridge, numerous churches dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries and for its imperial decorative architecture. Alongside such places of historical interest, there are many shops and supermarkets, restaurants as well as a hospital, fire and police stations, and a train station. Tavira is known for its cultural life, music and summer “fiestas”, St John’s feast in June being one of the most significant. Evening street scape is busy with “al fresco” dining, live music, entertainment. Native character and cuisine predominate as, uniquely, the town fully escaped the introduction of chain restaurants and fast food outlets.

Cobble Streets Of Tavira Tavira – Roman Bridge

Tavira Church Clock Tavira Church Clock

Landmark Landmark

Tavira at Night Tavira at Night

Tavira Street Dancing Tavira Street Dancing

The international airport at Faro is about a 30-minute drive away with frequent flights to and from the UK and other European countries. National motorway A22 connects towns and villages along the coast to the airport, and stretches to the Spanish border, with further easy route to the historic city of Seville. Lisbon is also accessible by motorway.

Algarvian coast is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and fishing villages, the ones in the Eastern Algarve remaining still unspoiled by mass holiday tourism.

Idyllic Beach Praia BarrilIdyllic Beach "Praia Barril"

The locality is also a golfers’ paradise, surrounded by more than 30 golf courses for which the Algarve is famous. Apart from the long established golf courses near Tavira, such as Benamor, Quinta da Ria and Quinta de Cima, a new course development, Monte Rei, was recently completed to the design of the golf champion Jack Nicklaus. Golf and Country Club is set to the east of Tavira amidst 1000 acres of stunning Algarvian countryside, with a fascinating layout, five lakes and dramatic views over the ocean and Sierra de Caldierao mountains. The 4000m2 clubhouse in the landscaped gardens, designed by a playade of renowned architects and interior designers, is among the best in the world.

Golf Courses in the Algarve, Portugal - Monte Rei Golf Monte Rei Golf Course